Hard Chrome Plating / Aluminum Anodizing

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We use the latest computer controls to ensure the best coating possible. Our custom designed controls for hard chrome electroplating and aluminum anodizing (clear or colored) ensure consistent application to production parts time after time. Over 15 years of experience with plating automation in the automotive plating industry.

Hard chromium plating (hard chrome / hard krome / industrial chrome) produces a finish that is corrosion resistant, provides excellent metal on metal wear performance, excellent lubricity, and a coating 100 times harder than steel. These characteristics make industrial chrome plating an attractive process for items like pistol or rifle bolts and actions, construction equipment pins, shaft surfaces and journals, exposed metal pins, and adjusting rods.

Hard chroming is also used to rebuild metal surfaces that are undersized due to wear or over-machining. The built up surface can be reground to the correct dimension and the part salvaged with a surface that is much stronger than the original. In fact, many new part processes consist of machining the part below the final dimension then building the surface up with a hard chrome coating to provide surface wear characteristics much better than steel.