Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels, 8000#, 8 x 6.5 Lug, GEN 2

Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels, 8000#, 8 x 6.5 Lug, GEN 2

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As the original developer of the Clip-On Shipping Container wheels, we've had a number of years of experience to improve our popular product.The GEN II Clip-On's are just as strong, but incorporate the Anti-Rotation bolt that keeps the unit upright during installation and more importantly upright during movement on severe inclines and severe terrain. These also incorporate our No-Joke LUG which is more than twice as strong as other Ebay sellers (1.95" vs 1.04").

We now have many EBAY imitators. Look closely at the difference. The much larger diameter "no joke lug" we use (ours is cut from a solid piece of steel ..... the lug is one of the most critical parts for safety and the machined welding groove allows a better weld that further prevents the lug from pulling through) .. the knock-offs have nothing to prevent the units from rotating on steep inclines or rough ground. We have literally had customers tow containers up hills with bulldozers.

The competitors use 1inch lugs. For comparison a 1/2 ton pickup axle is 1.5inches in diameter, spec'd to support a few thousand pounds.

Our lugs are cut from 3inch round-stock steel and the post into the container corner is ~1.95inches which fills the 2inch opening (for safety......see the pictures that compare the difference between a 1.048" competitor's lug and our nearly double diameter 1.95" lug).

This listing is for a set of two (2) GEN II Clip-On dolly spindles with 8x6.5inch bolt pattern (standard trailer type) and 8000lb bearings  (rims, tires not included).  (a standard EMPTY 40 foot shipping container weighs about 6000Lbs, so the clip-on wheels on an end will be supporting about 3000Lbs).

These are for non-public road use ONLY. Moving containers around a parking lot for example. Operate at less than 1 MPH please.

I have delivered several of these units personally, always with great pride. Customers pick-up at our location and we've NEVER had a bad comment. We practice "Continuous Improvement" and are refining our production process daily. These units are "Farm Implement" class devices with the focus on safely / reliably moving shipping containers. Our customers include the U.S. Navy, large construction companies, and many International Relief Agencies (perfect for disaster sites).

Bill RobinsonWe also manufacture many accessories for shipping containers. Call or visit our website if you need something custom made. We also have:       1. Shipping container hydraulic jack lift / leveling system available:       2. Shipping container chain-connect lifting system.       3. 7000# Clip-On Wheel Kit available        4. Heavy Duty Machinery Skates / Bolt-On Equipment RollersA shipping container hitch system and solar panel charged lighting system is in the works. Send a message if interested. ***Please note:  ships in 2 boxes.