Rosslare, AC-825IP, Networked Access Control System

Rosslare, AC-825IP, Networked Access Control System

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The AC-825IP is an advanced networked access controller and is the backbone of a medium-scale to high-scale security system that can handle up to 100,000 users and 500,000 events.Each AC-825IP access control unit (ACU) supports up to 6 doors (In/Out), each with 2 inputs and 1 output, and includes four additional auxiliary inputs and two auxiliary outputs.

The number of supported doors, inputs, and outputs can be increased by using the onboard 10-pin expansion slot to connect any of the following expansion boards:

R-805 – 16 outputs
S-805 – 16 inputs
D-805 – 4-door expansion
P-805 – 16 inputs and 8 outputs

The system currently supports 12 extension boards via RS-485 with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), of any kind, in addition to the expansion board mounted on top of the AC-825IP panel. Driven by Rosslare’s powerful, flexible and easy to use AxTraxNG™ software,the system provides an ideal, modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs.

It provides seamless integration with Rosslare's UL Listed range of RFID proximity, PIN, Proximity & PIN, smart card, and biometric readers with Rosslare’s selection of RFID credentials.The AC-825IP is ready for installation with a mountable and lockable metal enclosure (ME-1515) integrated with a switch, power management board/charger, sounder, and control panel. Using an onboard Ethernet TCP/IP, multiple local or remote site door subnetworks can connect to the AxTraxNG Client/Server PC software running on Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 operating systems.


Up to 58 doors, 60,000 users, and 500,000 history log entries (FIFO) per ACU
Onboard TCP/IP networking with AES 128-bit data encryption to an AxTraxNG server, bi-directional push communication for enhanced data transmission speed and reliability
Supports up to 4 doors (In/Out), each with 2 inputs and 1 output
4 auxiliary inputs and 2 auxiliary outputs
2 RS-485 buses (OSDP and G-Bus)
Supports OSDP readers
One onboard expansion slot and an additional 12 expansion boards via OSDP (R/S/D/P-805)
R-805 – 16 outputs
S-805 – 16 inputs
D-805 – 4-door expansion
P-805 – 16 inputs and 8 outputs
An additional ME-1515 metal enclosure holds up to 2 expansion boards and includes all the innovative features of the AC-825IP enclosure
SD card slot with 8GB card included
Real-time clock keeps time for up to 2 weeks without power (no batteries to replace)
Spacious and lockable metal enclosure, features cable twist locks and zip-tie anchors for better cable management
Power management board indicates battery and power status
Revolutionary enclosure with: illumination bar that lights up when enclosure is opened; tamper sensing; and power status LED