Shipping Container, Clip-On Wheels

Shipping Container, Clip-On Wheels

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This is a set of two (2) clip-on axle spindles with 6 bolt / 5.5" bolt pattern hubs  (rims, tires not included). The spindles are NOW 6000Lb (vs the 5000Lb from our previous supplier) per set. (a standard EMPTY 40 foot shipping container weighs about 6000Lbs, so the clip-on wheels on an end will be supporting about 3000Lbs). A set with 6.5"x8 bolt hubs and 8000lb bearings is also available.

These are for non-public road use ONLY. Moving containers around a parking lot for example. Operate at less than 1 MPH please.

WARNING: We are experiencing high demand for these .... current lead time on shipping is approximately 2 weeks out .... we are working HARD to increase our production.

A shipping container hitch system, shipping container hydraulic jack lift / leveling system, and shipping container chain-connect lifting system is in the works. Send a message if interested.