COVID-19: We are open and taking orders. We support many facilities like Assisted Living / Fire Alarm Monitors / Grain Elevators for VOIP Telephone, Security Camera, and IT Support ....our engineers, techs, and office support personnel are working from home if job permits ... please be patient when placing orders online or via telephone.

             About Tek4UFast

Fast, Reliable, Lowest Pricing, Great Customer Service .... always striving for Technical Excellence!

Tek4UFast is a Computer Engineering Co. We provide many engineering services as well as our online product sales. In our 20th year, we are family owned and managed by a Marine veteran who demands our best efforts to satisfy customers EVERY day.

COVID-19 Support

Last Friday we received a call to help spin up to get ten (10) machines built/rebuilt for N95 Mask production in ten(10) days .... an incredible pace. We have the first five ready to deliver tomorrow and are on-track for the rest. Working around the clock. UPDATE: MISSION COMPLETE!

We are very humbled to support the country right now, as a former U.S. Marine, I understand the need to be ALL-IN to support those on the front lines!




William Robinson, CEO