Security Camera Systems


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We have over 20 years of Information Technology experience:   Networking, Computer Support, Access Controls, Cable Installation, Programming, VOIP Telephony, Cell Phone Repeaters and Home and Business Security Camera Installation. This wide range of capabilities gives us a significant edge in integrating the security cameras with the rest of the office technology. We are expert at camera integration with Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

    Over the years we have installed cameras of all types (indoor, outdoor, PTZ, hidden), in settings such as supermarkets, factories, schools, banks, gas stations, grain elevators (many grain elevators .... which are very challenging). 

  We have installation equipment such as tight-spot man lifts for inside locations and bucket vans for installation on the exterior making us extra safe and efficient.

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    We are safe and professional. We have NEVER had an injury of significance in our entire history. Our technicians are equipped with helmets and safety harnesses and schooled on job site safety procedures and requirements.

    Tek4UFast's owner is a graduate of the University of Maryland College of Engineering with a degree in Computer Engineering and has thirty-five (35) years of engineering experience, and as a former U.S. Marine, demands customer satisfaction and technical excellence EVERY day.

   Tek4UFast is the right partner for any technology project.

            Please call or email for a free estimate.