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We believe we were the first VOIP integrator in Michigan. One of the first in anycase. We have built/maintained countless Asterisk systems for all types of businesses. We take great pride in building systems that are centerpieces for the sales and operations staff. Phone systems that leverage computers and communications. Things such as ANDON systems for factories where machine operators can summon supervisors, quality, or forklift operators with the flip of a switch. Systems for motels with many bells and whistles. Kiosk phones at truck scales that auto call far away control points. Phone systems tightly integrated with ERP systems.

We routinely inherit Switchvox and other VOIP systems from unresponsive or incapable competitors.

Called in to troubleshoot many poor quality installations.

We troubleshoot existing Asterisk systems remotely (nation wide) on a per-hour pay basis ... please call.

Tek4UFast is your long term partner for VOIP Telephony!